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mac disk usage shiz

February 17, 2016 — Zac Anger

i don't have a mac. so. whatever. but here's how to find out where all your disk space went, if you do have a mac.

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Switch To Linux! (Part Two)

September 27, 2015 — Zac Anger


So, Mac friends, what's up? How's it going? All good with you? Good, good I'm glad. Look. Maybe we should talk.

I know you like your iPro Airpod. And it's very nice, it is. It's shiny and fast and does things, which are really the top requirements for any computing device, I think. But is it really what you want to be using? Look, if it is, that's cool. But have you considered some other options? There's a world outside of Cupertino. A whole, wide, incredible world of technology that presents broadly varied experiences that don't all follow Apple's guidelines on everyrhing.


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