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Notes from the AngularJS Utah Meetup

April 24, 2016 — Zac Anger

So what with my last computer dying, getting a new phone, trying to find a job, preparing to maybe move, and all the other nonsense going on, I haven't really blogged at all lately. Oh well.

My to-do list is gigantic, like a whole huge directory tree of several gigabytes full of unfinished stuff.

Somewhere in there, there's rewriting my entire website.

I've just switched from GoDaddy's hosting to my own VPS (a droplet), since GoDaddy's cost was going up by about 110%. This means I have a LOT more available to me, now. Not quite as much space, but I can run whatever I need to on my server now, so... I think it's time to finally update everything. I plan on leaving most things as just plain old static sites (because, let's be honest, no one cares how flashy this crap is if it takes a year to render it on an old phone). The blog might change a bit, though. I'm still using that same old script (based originally on BashBlog, heavily modified over the past almost-year). Nothing against that script, it does its job and everything, but a 1300-line shell script to basically turn Markdown into HTML is absurd -- ESPECIALLY since it doesn't include the parser.

Anyway, here are some notes from the NG-JS meetup a couple of weeks ago. They were lost on my old laptop, but the SATA-to-USB thingy came in the mail the other day, so I can finally just do something with these.


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React Meetup, 17 Nov, 2015

November 17, 2015 — Zac Anger

React: - Good at managing state. - which is to say, dynamism - Components, just like... everything else these days, so that's totally irrelevant. - virtual dom, which is not exactly facebook's anyway. - unidirectional data flow, which is a mouthful. - that is, the loop. - more boilerplate to run that... less boilerplate-replacer built into react?


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Angular Meetup, 13th Oct, 2015

October 13, 2015 — Zac Anger


Bene Brown; author on subject of empathy.

The Technical Bit

Jordan Last, speaker on Angular, client-side storage.

Problem: people want wikis, but don't like the word 'wiki.' (Yes, it's more complicated, but not so much so that a wiki wouldn't handle it).

Organization of survey site data (BYU Archaeology Dept.) &c.; Android devices, needed compat. with iOS. This fellow ended up with Ionic to handle building apps.

Okay, new question, how to work with storage? He checked out Cordova (PhoneGap), but wasn't into SQLite so much. Wanted straight-up persistant storage in the browser.

What options were there? Local, IndexedDB, WebSQL. Obviously IndexedDB isn't useful for people who want to stick with that Apple Webkit crap; Local storage is okay for... a little bit of stuff. They ended up choosing WebSQL (despite its deprecation), because they're big on relational databases and didn't want to get into Mongo or Node stuff. (Sidenote, this fellow doesn't quite grasp how the W3C works, or the problems with non-standard or deprecated technologies. Oh well.) Quick rundown on the very barest basics of ORM, aka Why We're Calling This A Model.

Looks like he's using Persistence JS. In persistence, you would save an object like, for example:

callback && callback()

And now you have your whatsit all set. That's your save method. Then, say,; and, y'know, there you go. Oh, wait. He forgot a bit about persistence. Needs schema.sync and a .config bit to get up and working.

Now, to query WebSQL in this kind of screwy setup (persistence-specific):

whatever.getStuff = function(thingPassed, maybeAnother) {
  whatever.all().filter('thingPassed', '=' whateveritis); // i suppose i missed quite a bit here

And, finally, deleting... which evidently should be pretty easy. Too easy to go over.

Closing points:

  • Never access the DB directly--do it through lots of Javascript and boilerplate and awkward ways.
  • Keep model-specific DB stuff with the model
  • Absolutely don't need to use persistence.js or WebSQL (thank goodness)
  • Use an ORM, silly!

Oh, and the fellow who organized this thing maybe isn't aware of other stuff going on aroud here. LunchJS would be worth looking into.

And this Jordan fellow is interesting. Bit enthusiastic, dresses half his age, but information architecture + comp sci + dev + project management = all the things I'm really interested in, mostly, pretty much.

Oh, and it was kinda neat to check out Adobe's SLC building.

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