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March 03, 2016 — Zac Anger



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December 25, 2015 — Zac Anger

is a thing. and, while it's been a really just all-over-the-place couple of weeks (and DAYS, goddamn...) today's been pretty damn swell. and just in case you think it hasn't been a lot of fun, here's a gif to prove you wrong:

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December 23, 2015 — Zac Anger

is funny

erin has eyebrows

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December 05, 2015 — Zac Anger

dreams are weird. usually i don't remember them. apparently sometimes i do. because i've been going so damn hard lately, when friday or saturday night comes around, i usually sleep for twelve or more hours straight, and i dream. a lot. very vividly. i've had two super intense dreams lately that, for whatever reason, really had a major effect on me for days later.


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November 01, 2015 — Zac Anger fun. Also a pain. But fun.

I'm 239% sure I'm falling wayyy behind, but I'm also about 72% sure I started with a fairly decent headstart--not first in the cohort, for sure, but maybe around fifth. I think I'll catch up again (hush, I know it's not a race, but I don't want to be lagging) once we start back-end stuff. Maybe. Angular is nice and all, but for whatever reason I just can't seem to focus on it for long. Probably because somewhere deep down in my brain, I just can't bring myself to love the idea of that much client-side work. It feels like one of those really awesome things built by people who've never owned really shitty devices, or even average ones.


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DevMountain, Week 2

October 19, 2015 — Zac Anger

That's about to start. I'm tired and I can't focus, and I'm losing a very dear friend to her demons and I can't seem to do anything about it no matter how much time I spend on the phone, because at some point I need to turn it off and try to catch up on work. She's going to die, and I'm not going to be there to stop it, and it wouldn't matter if I was because nothing would stop her except one specific asshole completely changing everything about himself and being who he must have, at some point, said he was.

So, that's going on. But on the other hand... Javascript is good. Um.


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