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April 02, 2016 — Zac Anger

Takeaways from Laurie Voss's 'Stuff Everybody Knows Except You'

  • Be good at your tools.
    • If you use Windows, be good at Windows. Also, don't use Windows.
    • Know Bash. Also know Sed and Awk. But really, really, really know Bash.
    • Be good at your editor. It doesn't matter which one. Notepad is not an editor.
  • Don't fuck with users.
    • Paralaralaralax is the devil.
    • A button is an action. A link goes somewhere.
  • Auth is not simple.
    • Identification: Hi, I'm this guy! (To people.)
    • Authentication: Hi, I can prove I'm this guy! (To a computer.)
    • Authorization: Hi, I am allowed to do these things!
    • Salt and hash your passwords. Always. (Bcrypt.)
  • Security is not a joke.
    • Leave it to people who know what they're doing.
    • Or devote your career to doing this.
  • Don't build rich web apps for everything.
    • If your site is all about content, build a plain old static site.
    • This seems obvious, but apparently it's not.
  • Load content first. Fuck your fancy fonts, fuck your gifs, just load stuff.
  • Speed over everything.
  • Write and maintain tests. Test. Write testable code.
  • Read the error logs. And write good error messages.
  • Write obvious code.
  • Get good at git.
  • Automate all the things (with deployment, but also testing, CI, and everything else).
    • But don't go overboard (yak shaving).
  • Break things up (use common patterns/modularise everything/decouple shit).
    • Also, keep in mind that everything you write is/has an API. Make it consistent.

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