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I'm 239% sure I'm falling wayyy behind, but I'm also about 72% sure I started with a fairly decent headstart--not first in the cohort, for sure, but maybe around fifth. I think I'll catch up again (hush, I know it's not a race, but I don't want to be lagging) once we start back-end stuff. Maybe. Angular is nice and all, but for whatever reason I just can't seem to focus on it for long. Probably because somewhere deep down in my brain, I just can't bring myself to love the idea of that much client-side work. It feels like one of those really awesome things built by people who've never owned really shitty devices, or even average ones.

Things are patched with the roommate. There were words, and things are better. Still awkward, a bit, I guess, but okay. There's social things afoot, too--halloween was fun, and there are a few folks here I believe I genuinely like (shocker, right?). More than one happens to be female, (which is somewhat amusing given the mostly-single almost-all-male sort of crowd we have here), but that's not likely to be an issue. Certainly not from their end, and almost definitely not from mine (I_think_ I know better, by now). Staying focussed and getting shit done is pretty vital here. So, being an awkward, unfriendly, unattractive dude has its perks.

Anyhow. It's late. Angular again tomorrow and Tuesday, then an Angular review day, then two days of Firebase. Not sure how I feel about that last. It'll be nice to know, I guess, but personally, I'd so much rather start learning actual backend stuff. Spending two precious days on one single BaaS company (and a Google-owned one, right after a week and a half of Angular...) seems a bit much. I do already have an account with them, though, which'll be nice, and a tiny bit of familiarity--they bought Divshot, with whom I had an account, so I figured I ought to check them out a little bit.

Bah. Three articles to read, a couple of messy directories to tidy up, and I suppose I'll put on the coffee for the morning. I think I'll need to ditch this bash-based blog generator pretty soon--I've already worked up a sort of Angular generator with Grunt, and another with Yeoman, so maybe soon I can actually make usable things with Javascript. G'nite.