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bootcamp analogies

07 May, 2016

bootcamps are like a three-month crash-course on building features and creating value for yourself and your future employer very quickly. and also on learning. as in, learning to learn stuff on your own.

mentoring at a bootcamp is kind of a three-month course on talking/people skills. most obviously, there's the explaining code you've never seen before to people who have no idea what you're saying and might not even speak the same language (natively).

working at a bootcamp is like being thrown headfirst into both education and jr dev roles, which can be overwhelming but also awesome.

hanging out at a bootcamp after finishing is like going back to a high school reunion after going from nerd to hugely successful nerd, waving it in everyone's face, except everyone is that same nerd so it's kinda more like an encouraging wave than a "see, told you i'd amount to something" kind of wave.