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01 June, 2016

just a few clojure notes

i don't know if any of this is vastly different from cljs? i'd think not, because really you're just talking about a different target (jvm vs js vm), rite? but who knows. i mean, normally you wouldn't talk about clojure and clojurescript with two different names if they were the exact same language and the only actual difference was the target vm.

i'd look this up but i'm on a plane. so.

some notes!

everything, i believe, takes the format of (action thingsTo actOn) which is called a form.

(def varname varval)
(def me "zac")

but there's also the let keyword which is different. for functions?

(let [myname "zac"]
  (println myname))

oh wait is it def or defn? crud now i'm seeing defn.

(defn functionName
  [arguments moreArgs] ;; comment
  returnValue)         ;; the above could be just [] if no args

;; so maybe

(defn multiplier
  [a b]
  (* a b))

(multiplier 4 4)

(defn fnName
  ([ifThisPatternIsMatched] returnThis)
  ([elseIfThisOne sureWhyNot] returnThisInstead))

(defn fooBar
  ([a] a)
  ([a b] (* a b))
  ([a b c] (/ (* a b) c))
  ([a b c d] (* (/ a b) c d)))

;; so [] are args, () are forms, {} are keys or something?
;; no, keys are with :, so {} are just... i don't know, yet.

;; and a private function just has a - after it, i think? like
(defn- thisIsNotPublic
  [] ;; and other stuff -- are in-line comments a thing?

Testing with lein (what is lein, exactly? I think it's a package manager?):

(ns project.namespace-test
  (:require [clojure.text :refer :all]
            [project.namespace :refer :all]))

;; deftest defines a test fn
;; testing for description for it
;; is -- assertion

(deftest nameOfTest
  (testing "this is what i'm testing"
    (is (true)))) ;; i don't know if this is valid

okay so leiningen is 'automation made easy'

pkg mgmt, testing, pm, etc.?

lein new app <appname>

that will layout a whole project directory for you, damn.

lein searches maven and clojars for packages, with lein search <packagename>.

update :dependencies in project.clj (which i think is like a meta file package.json-y kinda thing) and do a lein deps to install that stuff.

zipper is a thing that does things but i don't really have the attention span to read this right now.

did i mention i was on a plane? i wasn't really on a plane. i'm in an airport. for a lot of hours. it's a long story. sort of. it's actually a relatively short story, but it's kind of boring. so whatever.

there are transducers, which are not like a map or functor or whatever.

these are composable transforms

did i mention that i'm in an airport? all night, i'll be here. meant to be home by now. in bed. sleeping. having seen the people i really miss, hugs all around, had a beer, unpacked, showered maybe, gone to bed. i'll be home, instead, by maybe noon-ish tomorrow possibly, having missed another day of work, sweaty and gross, eurgh.

on the other hand i met some nice people stuck in this zombie airport, so.

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