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DevMountain, Week 2


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That's about to start. I'm tired and I can't focus, and I'm losing a very dear friend to her demons and I can't seem to do anything about it no matter how much time I spend on the phone, because at some point I need to turn it off and try to catch up on work. She's going to die, and I'm not going to be there to stop it, and it wouldn't matter if I was because nothing would stop her except one specific asshole completely changing everything about himself and being who he must have, at some point, said he was.

So, that's going on. But on the other hand... Javascript is good. Um.

No really, I'm worried as fuck about this friend, and about the other one. Yes, that means I have two friends. Actually, three, but the third is probably the most competent, level-headed, and rational person I know, so I know she can handle herself, and wouldn't want random people worrying about things that are none of their damn business anyway.

I have a roommate. He's amusing. Very chipper, very eager, very Colombian, and very (very, very, very) aroused, all the time, apparently. I don't think he's gone ten minutes without talking about sex so far since I've met him. It's not a horrible thing, but it gets grating. I'm sure there are valid reasons for it (besides youth, that is), and I'm sure it'll cool down after a while.

The first week at school was interesting, for sure. I'm a mile ahead of anyone (as far as I could tell) when it comes to command-line stuff, environment setup, using source control, etc.; in the first ten in the group, probably, with HTML and CSS, though only because I've done these things before (and recently, to boot)... JS, not so much, though I think I'm firmly in the top third, or so. Not wasting time trying to learn the basics of terminal navigation and initialising a git repo gave me a slight headstart. If I can manage to focus and pay attention and not get distracted for once in my life, I can maybe hold on to that.

Okay, anyway. Here's a blog post.

Fuck, I don't know what to do about J. If things end up as poorly as they're threatening, someone will die, and I care about that someone quite a lot. Fuck. I can't get anything done, and other people and human emotions are the reason why.