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DevMountain, Week Six


Tags: js, sleep

Howdy. I've been here for six weeks, now. I find that totally beyond belief.

I can't remember the last time I slept for more than four hours. Or was in any reasonably okay sort of mental state. It's not the school, of course. It's just everything, and me, and needing to be all, like... not myself, I guess.

I think maybe I'm so used to the act that it just is who I am, maybe, sort of. Some of it, anyway. Apparently I'm good enough at pretending to know shit about programming that I'm actually not totally horrible at it. Still horrible at fitting in with conservatives... still horrible at socializing, or ever even having conversations with the religious, or masculine. Which is definitely sometimes a problem. Oh well.

This won't be a long post. I'm mostly only posting because (while I certainly hope no one actually reads this blog, because I say horrible things about everyone here), at some point I want to be able to keep track of what I was doing, here.

About to start the back-end stuff. That's actually really exciting, for me, personally. Nothing against front-end stuff--I really love design (though not designers, usually), and of course that's where all the flashy fun is anyway. But goddammit I just cannot justify, in my head, the idea of extensive client-side rendering. I know, everything runs Javascript, and that's chill and all, but when over 80% of the connected mobiles on the planet are Androids, and the vast majority of those are extremely low-end Chinese knockoffs that just really want to be like their Korean betters... when there are people (even people I know) who still use IE8 on Windows XP with a half gig of RAM... I just really don't think it's a grand idea to bog down those clients with all the work. Which is why I couldn't put my heart into Angular (though Angular2 will be better... but too little, too late). And goddammit, ui-router is just a whole pile of steaming useless shit, really. I've never known anything to be so bad at working with file paths. Ever. At least, not quite that inconsistent in how it was bad. Goddamn.

Actually, I'm thinking for the 'real' project (I suppose our personal projects, the ones where we actually do anything server-side, are essentially our showpieces, so the idea is to put a whole fucking lot of effort into them and hope they are employment-worthy)--anyway, for that, while I can already hear the comments about the technology-hipster-ism, I might try out basically... not that. Specifically, I'd like to work with mostly ES2016 (ES7) Node and Koa, and Aurelia for an MV (apparently it's perfectly fine as HVVM, which would be nice to learn). And, while the guy who wrote it has probably the* worst attitude of any BDFL/whatever in front-end dev (which is saying a lot, since I'm pretty nice compared to some of the stuck-up turds in JS), I'm thinking Vue would be good. Every time I see a Vue project, even some half-finished toy repo, I remember that it looks really interesting and I ought to find an excuse to check it out.

Bigger problem, right now, is figuring out what the fuck I should actually attempt to build, I guess.

Oh, speaking of which, I built a think, and it doesn't suck. npm i markvi. It's not what I want it to be, but what I want it to be isn't probably all that marketable, so it can just chill there for a while, I guess, while I figure out some super flashy idea that will win over the masses of employers that are apparently just standing around, fidgeting, waiting to hire anyone who can remember what 'fizzbuzz' means.

Iiiii should probably sleep.