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drop off


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drop off

no body; no mind
no master; no student
no teachings; no knowledge
no me; no you

only rain over the stream
only hot wind across the sand
only chill through the trees
only snow on the mountain

if you already know
you don't need to be told
if you don't know
telling you won't do any good

A note on context, added months later

Written after around four months of especially heavy study and practice. I had just spent a couple weeks week experimenting with Vajrayana practices with no luck, and had decided to return to what I knew. The next day (the date on this post) I decided to read the Shōbōgenzō, to find out more about Chan. I was just in the first discourse when things blinked. The experience didn't last for even a second, or maybe it did, but it was timeless. It wasn't flashy or explosive like the things I experienced when doing kasina practice, but instead felt like everything shifted. After, I got up and scribbled most of the poem above. Later that day I rearranged it a bit, and that night I added the last stanza. I haven't had this experience confirmed by a teacher, but right now it doesn't feel like I need to; things aren't the same as they were before.