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More Notes Taken While Watching MPJ's Videos

05 June, 2016

Classes, actually faster than factory functions, by ~twice. But... who cares, when you're talking about a thousandth of a millisecond?

Better programmers means better software means better solutions for bigger problems.

Dear Zac: Please start writing tests. Thanks! Love, Zac.

'The Overjustification Effect' ... side projects are valuable in multiple ways. (I think everyone knew this.)

Clojure: in parens, operator and operands. Example: (doThings toThis andThis andThis andThis).

APPARENTLY I know 90% of Clojure, now. Cool. Can someone please explain to me why cljs has brackets and braces, then? Like... wat?


I don't really know what a functor is but apparently map and filter are functors.

Functors are objects that have a map-type method. Not the method itself.

A JS array is a functor. Same with promises (from libraries, not the spec!) and streams.

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