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haskell meetup, 1 sept 2016


Tags: haskell

just a few random notes. most of this was way over my head.

xml-conduit -- xml parsing

hasql - postgres lib

maybe keep all types etc in own file

cabal files: main-is Main.hs, list other of our modules.

build-depends are dependencies. install with stack.

stack build is like npm i

$$ -- ? $= -- ?

combinators from conduit

conduit is a streaming library thing

better than lazy io

there's also pipes, another group of streaming abstractions

also iostreams -- uses io


parseMame :: MonadThrow m => ConduitM Event Machine m ()
parseMame = void $ tagIgnoreAttrs "mame" $ manyYield parseMachine

void is explicitly discarding the value

you can use the -> typeclass to build things, and use them as arrows, including in type signatures.

in rId <- insertRom -< rom, rom is input to insertrom ; insertrom's output is romid

stack ghci: ghci but for project

:r -- reload loaded module

11 -- oom