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01 June, 2016

http: k-v store of urls and resources

representations: dictionaries of actual resources


example: url: with: representations: various formats and sizes of said video

methods: possible to define custom

get, put, and delete are really obvious

patch: like put, but for small changes

head: get, but for just meta about the resource

options: what all can i even do with this thing? (useful for... cors, i guess)

post: kind of a catch-all for whatever else you want to do rly it's not actually intended to be used as the C in CRUD

i may be rethinking my position on url parameters vs queries

remembering, from my docs:

URLs are made up of (usually just some) of these parts: <scheme>://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/<path>;<parameters>?<query>#<fragment>.

cache-control, last-modified, and etag to control caching

client will check if-modified-since and if-none-match

accept-encoding (with gzip or compress) yay

on server, max-age and etag ; send 304 if if-no-match matches etag

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