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I Cannot Wait


Tags: work, bootstrap be done with this website, and be done with this 'client.' It's the 4th of October. I'm literally getting on a bus on the 6th and going most of the way across the country, and will not be spending one tiny bit of effort on this ever again.

Tomorrow, I can hand it over. Along with the invoice. And you know what? I'm not even worried about the fact that it's an unfinished sort of trainwreck. It looks nice. All the links work. It's very functional and smooth on all devices. But at this point I've been sitting here deconstructing PDFs and fucking docx files to try to get enough content and some even vaguely original images... that's just ridiculous. I've done my bit. And, what's more, they haven't done theirs--as laid out in the contract, that is. This client has been a complete nightmare from the minute they decided their 'sales broker' needed to have a voice. It'd be nice to see that blowhard's minor heart attack when he gets this ZIP of files.

To be absolutely clear about this (because I know my attitude here is really unattractive), this was a super simple project. Bootstrap simple. Yeah. Something that could've taken two evenings. It's been about a year now, and the only things that have changed since the second draught (the first once a one-pager) are the sticky nav header and the removal of the carousel (to be replaced 'later' with another one). As far as content goes, I've been able to get two hasty 'about' paragraphs out of the folks running this business, a couple of PDFs (taken from their intranet, actually), a photo of the namesake (and the same photo again, on three different PDFs with text overlays) and several copies of the same two logo files. This is a wholesale food business. Not one bit of info on their food. Not. One.

So... fuck it. I'm done. It's been a year. Thank goodness for simple time-tracking utilities. I'll make up a slick, presentable invoice, off the clock.

Oh, if you're curious (don't know why you should be--it's just a bland Bootstrap site, you've seen a million of them already):