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YESH. I'm in Provo, Utah, doing things that will eventually possibly hopefully make me skilled at something. Maybe even enough to get a job in that thing, and pay off the $$$ needed to get said education. Some quick observations:

I don't know that Javascript is going to be my preferred language for all of forever, especially since it's not really the greatest with things like super-low-level stuff (yes, I'd like to get familiar with machine language at some point), or cross-device uniformity, or being an attractive language (I can dream, yes?). To be honest, I think it's a lot more fun writing Bash stuff, even though it's no better at many things than JS, and much worse at many more. But Python... I can see Python being a more productive language, personally, in the future. For me. I've yet to find any problem to which there were not already two or three good solutions in Python, and usually there's one that seems to perfectly suit my needs. So while I think it's going to be incredibly useful to learn everything I can about JS (and this is going to be a really great place to get into that), and I'm 99% positive it'll be the most valuable three months of my life (in terms of employability, community, and who knows what else)... I betcha I'm going to keep playing with Python as my for-fun and actually-get-shit-done tool (if, y'know, I ever actually learn some more Python).

Oh dear lord. It's almost 1 AM already. So much learning to do, and never enough time. The schooling officially starts Monday....