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So, I just got on the bus...

which I guess makes it pretty much official. I'm going to school. With a duffel bag that weighs about 700 pounds, two laptops, and a kind of shaky knowledge of Javascript (but a lot of interest and passion and a decent background in general computing, with some Bash and a wee bit of Python experience).

Oh god, I'm nervous.

Fortunately it looks like this bus has working power, so I can try to catch up a bit now. Two transfers (one in Pittsburgh, one in Colorado), so let's hope that luck keeps up.

Okay, I guess I ought to do things, and stuff. Run through Javascript for Cats super quick just in case, then skim the code from a couple of static site generators in Javascript (I'm familiar with how they work, but I've only modified ones written in Bash and Python so far), then write my own, and then on to the rest of the Workshopper tutorials--I've got five or six currently installed, and I'm sure that'll be more than enough to get me through the bus trip.

I need more time.