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We're staring that today, and this is exciting. I never hated CSS until Bootstrap, but now I think I'd rather debug a hypothetical program written in both PHP and assembler than have to deal with bad CSS ever again. And I don't know any assembly languages.

So far today, everything actually makes sense. It's not easy or simple, but it's logical. I can see that mindmaps, or some similar diagraming/mapping tool, could be super useful for larger projects, though. Or even medium-ish projects. Keeping track of what's returning what to where and which functions are calling which other functions and all these things, it could very easily scramble the brains.

I've starting using Vim, too, which is another whole level of lifelong education, but I know that now that I've got the basics down, I'll probably never have trouble picking an editor again. I'm specifically using Neovim, which is not nearly as ridiculous and bloated and slow as Vim itself (thank fuck). It's taking a bit to get used to certain commands, and I'm still not exactly sure what counts as a word when I type, for example, d4e, but I'm getting there, and it's super exciting because I've finally found an editor that not only works (and works well, unlike the horde of bloated-text-editor-meets-cut-down-IDE deals), and doesn't require endless paren-mashing to work with (lookin' at you, Emacs), and has quick and easy keybinds (again, Emacs, what are you doing with yourself and why would anyone want to press seven keys simultaneously and in various combinations just to do simple things?) that mostly kind of make sense.

So that's cool. I just need to spend some time to learn how to set things up, I guess. Syntax highlighting works fine, but I have to turn it on every time I open a file. No autocompletion by default, it seems, and the indent levels are all sorts of wrong (hey four-spacers, you need to get help...).

Anyway, here's just a quick blog post. Now that we're starting to learn to program, I have a feeling I'll be too busy to think, most days, so maybe no updates for a wee bit.