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Take some concentration. Which, for me, takes a good bit of silence and, like, not needing to think about things other than what I'm trying to focus on. Kind of problematic, here. Silence and uninterrupted stretches of anything kind of don't exist when you're living with three other bachelors, and rooming with the youngest (and most talkative) of them.

Still... it's been a really crazy couple of weeks, and it's only going to get crazier. I suppose I'll be trying to move to a private room (and probably different apartment as well), come the interim... because I'm basically going to need every tiny bit of the break week(s) just to catch up.

This isn't as bad as it sounds, and I'm learning a shitton, but goddamn things are frustrating sometimes. I'm losing/alienating people I really really ereally care about because I need to spend every waking minute (and, lately, every minute is a waking minute) just trying to make up for time lost.

BUUUT tomorrow we start Angular, and I'm super pumped for that, though I'm 99% certain I don't really know what I'm doing well enough try sticking that paltry knowledge inside a framework, yet.

Weeee'lll seee....