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Here we have a giant list of links, sort of unsorted. Much about front-end dev education, a good bit that I suppose could be devops, quite a bit of tricks and hackery for the nixes. A good chunk of it is messed up, formatting-wise. Oh well. THis is basically the leftover links and bits from when I was researching school options.

Awesome Code Schools

A curated list of awesome code schools.


* Paid membership or purchase required for some or all content.






Relevant pastebins

Differences between distros

Monitoring Tools

Network monitoring

Pretty Ping!


Logcheck, be lazy with checking logs

80 Linux Monitoring Tools for SysAdmins - Server Density Blog (

How to analyze and view Apache web server logs interactively on Linux (

Process mgmt

How to run a process on a specific core

How to kill process

How to roll out your own Debian distro

Run stuff collaboratively on a server.

Generate random strings

twander file manager

Why u no open hardware :(

About docs

Pipe through Internet!

Persistent (full?) install linux on usb for multiple computers with little to no damage? (self.linux)


Photoshop on Linux

Data recovery

Vbox - How to shared folders -

Pro and work

I've scored an in-person interview for a Junior Linux Admin position. Recommendations on what to take to the interview? (self.linuxadmin)

General resources & Blogs


About filesystem

Hardlinks & Softlinks

X11 / Xorg / graphics stack explained

(Illustrated) SSH


The Fascinating World of Linux System Calls (

A series of posts about the linux kernel.

systemd for Administrators, Part 1

systemd for users

Rsync difference between --checksum and --ignore-times options

wget useful commands

Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition


IBM developer works

Debian minimal

Cron syntax in plain English

Install WordPress on CentOS 6.x


Visualize memory

inotify (trigger)



Optimizing nginx

How to redirect nginx

Hardening nginx with better cyphers

Virtualization, Containarization, Provisioning






Memory leak improvement under Linux -


Intro to regex video

Awk primer


Validating e-mail addresses, easy way, and the hard way.


YouTube chans



CentOS basics


General Reddit threads

Dynamic Range Compression for PulseAudio

ALSA / Pulseaudio for pro audio discussion



Speech / Voice recognition

Learn piano

The power of (GC)C

echo "main(i){for(i=0;;i++)putchar(((i*(i>>17|i>>9)&46&i>>3))^(i&i>>10|i>>100));}" | gcc -w -x c - && ./a.out | aplay


lsusb / lspci

cat /proc/asound/cards

aplay -l


Alternative UI

Dex UI - Futuristic/Sci-Fi Interface Programmed In openFrameworks (

Eagle Mode - Zoomable User Interface (YouTube)

Wayland 3D Compositor on Oculus Rift (

3D filesystem browser


TribesNext (Tribes2 re-implementation) under Linux




Backup ideas

How to shred recursively in directories

What to do when altering remote machines


Shell & Scripting


Explains commands and their flags. VERY USEFUL!

With examples:

Advanced / reference:

Command shortcuts -

About terminals


Moar advice

Bash search suggest box

How does the Shellshock exploit work?

Bash oneliners explained

Fav minimalist CLI apps

Fav aliases

HOWTO: Ubuntu CLI versions & Framebuffer Programs

Filenames in Shell: How to do it correctly (

Cool shit with ls

Bash vs. Zsh




Check temps


Backup config files automatically

Persistent changes in the filesystem

YT tuts

The connection problem:




Learn the filesystem hierarchy and major bits such as your bootloader, init system or systemd, etc

File shares (Samba, NFS, iSCSI)

Network Services (SSHD, DNS, DHCP, PXE, TFTP, FTP, etc)

Automation (Scripting, Configuration management ie Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Saltstack)

Hardening, Security and Accounts (IPTables, SELinux, patching/repository management, cgroups, encryption, permissions, ldap and kerberos SSO)


Archive directory

tar -cvWf archive_name.tar dir_name

Extract archive

tar -xvf archive_name.tar

GPG encrypt

gpg -ac archive_name.tar

GPG decrypt

gpg -d archive_name.tar.asc > archive_name.tar

CLI pastebin alias

alias apaste='curl -F '\''paste=<-'\'''

Do The Right Extract

How to check install size of packages (debian based)

dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | sort -n | less


badblocks -nsv -p2 -o ./badblocksresult.txt /dev/sdX

Watch progress of dd

watch -n 1 killall -USR1 dd

What's the best rsync command?

rsync -avPHSxh


List only dirs and files starting with a . (dot)

ls -d .[^.]*

Diff things

diff <(ls /tmp/folder1) <(ls /tmp/folder2) # diff output of 2 commands

diff -r /tmp/folder1 /tmp/folder2 # diff 2 dirs

Substitute string1 to string2 in every file in a given path

find path -type f -exec sed -i 's/string1/string2/' {} \;


Visually select a block of text and prepend a '#' to it

  1. Visually select block

  2. Ctrl+v I # Esc

Do the reverse (remove prepending '#' characters)

  1. Ctrl+v 0 x


There are also quite a few CS courses all hosted online! * Introduction to Computer Science and Programming - MIT OpenCourseWare * Introduction to C++ - MIT OpenCourseWare * Introduction to Computer Science: Programming Methodology - Stanford Engineering Everywhere * Data Structures - UC Berkeley * An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - UMass (Boston) Now at the OTHER end of the spectrum you have "bootcamps" which are considerably more expensive (8-15k) but provide extensive support. Depending on which you choose [get accepted to], you'll be coding 40-80 hours a week. * - Has information on almost every in-person "bootcamp" * The Ultimate Guide to Coding Bootcamps: The Exhaustive List - a comprehensive article from SkilledUp that provides additional information on all of them - check out their "most selective" article as well! That was me just 3 months ago. I was looking for a way to learn how to become a web developer [eventually full-stack] and needed a course that fit my needs. I tried to use the free resources referenced in the beginning of this post but realized I needed a project based curriculum to actually apply the new skills. I also became quite frustrated when I would get "stuck." After doing extensive research, I chose Thinkful (company) ( Many of the students have full-time/part-time jobs or are current college students (they recommend ~10 hours a week for Front-End and ~15 for Python). They also had the structured path and most importantly a personal mentor to do live code reviews (via screenshare on Google Hangout). Two months into the course, I applied for a marketing/front-end internship for the school and was accepted full-time :) Here's a post from my first day: Has anyone "attended" Thinkful and what was their experience? Bit more info: Flexibility is the biggest strength of our program. The mentors [and students] are all over the world, so we'll be able to accommodate any requests. Whether you're a complete beginner (like I was) or have significant experience, you'd gain significant value from the curriculum. Since the payment is for monthly access to the whole program, you'd able to work on the parts of the curriculum that you need. At the recommended pace, our students finish in 3 months but some may finish in 2 or take another month! If you finish the course, you'll get permanent access to the curriculum :) The final product of either course is pretty awesome (a personal website for Front-End, an capstone project for Python & Rails, and an iPhone app for iOS). If you'd like see some examples of student projects read Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to view some sample projects or have ANY questions about either course :) Anyway, this is just one of many options to start your learning. If you found this post helpful, let me know and I can post a more advanced learning guide as well as a back-end version. I wish everyone who reads this the best of luck on their programming journey!

Bootcamp Search Resources (A-Z)

United States - Classroom (Location A-Z, East to West)

Apprenticeships (A-Z)

Outside United States (Location A-Z)

Web-Based (A-Z)

This Wiki is for Programming Bootcamps that are in-person. The display is listed in order of term, short followed by long.

6 Months:

16 Weeks:

13 Weeks:

12 Weeks:

11 Weeks:

10 Weeks:

9 Weeks:

8 Weeks:

1 Week:

List of good, free online resources, categorized by subject. Add books, websites, apps, docs, repos, etc.


Shell / Bash



Git & Github


HTML5 and Front-end Web Development



Regular Expressions


Tutorials About Everything

What's programming all about?

Roomba docs

Working with sources of data

More Free Learning Resources