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i don't like being angry. at all. it's not a good look for me. somehow this weekend turned into one just full of anger about a lot of things. some of them aren't a big deal, and i can (eventually) just let everything go, because honestly it's just not worth feeling that shitty about. people aren't worth it, losing friends isn't worth it, losing time and even wasting or losing money... it's just never worth being angry about, because it's not going to change anything, get me back any time or money, fix relationships, or ever somehow make anything better. this is a little different, though, today. bias against persons with mental illness of any type (especially something as common and relatively safe and understood as depression) is not okay, especially when that results in the wrong people going to fucking jail.

i'm not going to go into a huge amount of detail right now, because it'll be a much better use of my time to start digging into legal documents and trying to help build up a case for my friend, but to quickly outline the facts of what happened:

now, as far as i can tell, there are a few major things that need to be addressed. one, the pig went with the sister's story, because clearly anyone who needs medication is automatically at fault. two, the stand your ground or whatever bullshit makes it possible for someone with literally no evidence of having been attacked or even touched to attempt murder and get away with it. and three, a person with signs of abuse all over her body, no shoes (in december), bad enough trauma to the head and face that she's unable to go out in public, and no signs of mental illness, was denied medical treatment for hours.

i am livid. you don't touch my friends. you don't hurt my friends. you definitely don't try to kill my friends and then get them jailed because you don't want your party to end.

it's going to take a while to figure out what i can really do to help, but step one was just jotting down those facts so i don't forget anything.