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meteor and react


Tags: meteor, react, js

anything in <template>is a _meteor_ template</template>; include in html by {{> thatTemplate}}, or in js with Template.thatTemplate. (not doing that at all with react as view.)

React.createClass defines a new view... class. why are components classes? props are attributes that allow compnents/classes to inherit data.

render() (react) gets a description of the markup to show. html's inside jsx, so get used to angle brackets in your scripting, yay.... jsx: className instead of class. jsx, not templating lang... just compiles to plain old js.

jsx can use es6 (what about esnext-next?). this includes const & let, methodShorthand(){...}, and =>.

collections: how meteor stores persistent data. aka mongo. lol duh. accessible from server and client.

collectionName = new Mongo.Collection("collection-name") to make that happen. that makes a new mongo collection on the server, and cache on the client.