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My Website Is Boring


Tags: meta

My website is boring, and that's how I like it. Recently I've been going through the long and painful process of finding a new role. In the old days, this wasn't long or painful; I could email People Ops just about anywhere besides a FAANG and have an interview the next week. Now, it takes hundreds of cold applications to get a single response.

So I've been looking at what other folks are doing. One piece of advice I see often is to have a flashy "portfolio" site. I don't know what that means outside of frontend and design contexts. My portfolio is my CV and my GitHub. A quick internet search turns up a slew of websites that weigh megabytes, convey little information, and are painful on the eyes. I don't expect every page I visit to be all that great for A11Y, but if you've got a flashing background on a site where the main purpose is to inform recruiters that you actually have done work in the past... why?

My site is simple. Some of it is written directly in HTML. Some is HTML generated from Markdown, by a little Python script, because I don't need a framework to do these simple tasks. Yes, it has a few dependencies, but just the ones I really need. There is no theme, there's just some CSS. The only JavaScript is an external library for presentations, and if it doesn't load, no problem, the presentations are still plenty readable in their original Markdown format.

It is okay to have a boring website. The purpose of a website like this is to convey information: this is me, this is what I'm about, this is where I've worked, these are links to other places where I exist on the internet. I'm pretty good at writing software, but part of being good at writing software is knowing when you don't need something. We should all be okay with sites that are lightweight, simple, and minimal (actually minimal, not "it's all shades of grey and thin Arial-ish typefaces!" minimal).

If you disagree, you're welcome to open a PR at the link below and tell me why I'm wrong, or just go build your own website. If it requires WebGL just to tell me how to reach you, I won't sit around and wait for it to render.