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I suppose I'll be arriving for all that school business soon enough. Maybe, anyway. I believe our bus is about four hours behind schedule at the moment? Three hours? I tell ya what, Greyhound is a freakin' joke. They'd've gone out of business long ago, if anyone else was running buses to these parts of the country. Our current driver, though, is just about the nicest I've met. Swell guy. We're running a bit behind because of someone who was late arriving from another bus for a transfer... and before that, because of LaWanda (yeah, really) who let us know we were running late and proceeded to take a year and a half to get a move on. And also because some poor dear on this bus got sick. No surprise... this bus (this specific bus, I mean) is filthy, close, claustrophobic... it's not pleasant. Our current driver literally started cleaning it as soon as he got out there, while we were at a rest stop; evidently the Greyhound staff, who've needed to boot us out of the bus every six hours or so to service and clean it, were kind of just not doing a single goddamn thing. (This is pretty evident from the state of the restroom--it has neither improved nor even been masked since I switched to this bus in Pittsburgh, and the fellows in the back who've been on it since New York suggest that it's been like that since they got on.

I tell ya what, though, if I end up in some trouble getting into school, I won't be incredibly pleased. I may have to delay check-in by a day, because the school's office hours are 11-4, and as it was I'd've been arriving in SLC at 12:30--so make that 2 PM to Provo. I believe we'll be looking at a minimum of a five hour delay before the next bus from Denver to Utah, so... there's that.

This is such a ridiculous process. I don't even understand why. Really basic simple things, it seems like just can't be done correctly or in a timely manner. I mean, I'm as guilty as anyone; I've been glued to the screen (bouncing between two laptops and my phone as each one slowly drains and then plugging them all in at rest stations, up until this driver got on and plugged in the power that was loose--thank goodness) basically since Baltimore, trying to get through all the learning I wasn't able to accomplish while at Mickey's. I'm caught up though, I think. I didn't get through the one thing I really wanted to do, though, which was working up a static site generator. It's discouraging. I mean, okay, I technically did do it, as a grunt plugin, but since it wasn't really what I was looking for I just deleted it. I don't like any of the templating systems for Javascript, really... I mean, seriously, I already work in CSS, and now Javascript a bit too... can we please have a break from curly braces? And using a percentage sign is actually even worse, because the 5 key isn't conveniently located, nor easy to find on a laptop in the dark, especially when you switch between two laptops with somewhat different sized keyboards and layouts (one compact Toshiba, one quite comfortable HP). It's about as inconvenient as reaching for Ctrl on a Mac, only to realise that Apple still doesn't make keyboards that make sense.

Anyway, here's a blog post. If things go as it seems they are going, I'll likely not be even thinking about blogging again for a bit. I'll probably be more wrapped up in trying to get to Utah before Saturday at 4 PM, and killing myself at the ATM on the way so I can pay the housing deposit, and hoping like fuck that I've actually retained any knowledge.

Oh, sidenote, how-to-npm is completely useless if you have NPM on your system already... and you have to have NPM to install how-to-npm, I think. Seriously, the idea is that you're learning NPM in a save downward-only work direectory, using a restricted training version of NPM... but you call it with npm, so obviously NPM is there the whole time going "Hey, did you ask for me? I heard you say something. You sure? No, that's totally my name, I can help, what do you need?"

Not the best planning on earth.