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I'll need to edit this script a bit more. Needing to delete all the filler text isn't a HUGE deal... if you use a real editor. I mean. It's not a huge deal now, but nano's not exactly... powerful. I could actually just ^^ start a mark, and then get to where I need to be, and ^k cut it... it's the getting aroudn that doesn't work so well. Home and end work sort of as expected, but ^Space^ and M-Space to go forward/back one word? No, thank you.

Okay, I just wanted to make a note, basically, that I should get at some point. Also, in sticking my head back into the whole Mickey's project today, I remembered why I don't much like Bootstrap. It's not that it doesn't work, because it does, and it works very well, if you use it exactly as intended or have a large enough project to actually need something that complex and... uh... large. But otherwise it's like using a CMS to run a (small, personal) blog. Why do it? Mickey's isn't a big project, and I know it would've been ten times easier to just do it from scratch from the start, but at this point I'm sticking with BS3 because I need to be able to hand the whole thing over to someone else all documented and sort of making sense--and they're going to have lovely task of trying to hunt down, obtain, and beautify some sort of actual content for this thing. (Or, y'know, maybe they'll just not touch it for another ten years and leave up the sort-of-filler with which I'll have to deliver it).

It's not all bad, though. I've learned more on this than I thought I would, specifically in the dealing-with-other-humans area. Mostly, actually, that I'm not very good at it, and that if given a certain amount of leeway, people will take every last second right up until an unbendable deadline to start actually paying attention. (That includes myself; I'm leaving for school in a week, and I'm fairly certain I don't know enough Javascript to do things, like, really at all.)

I suppose I ought to do something about this thing that I've been doing lately where I don't sleep, or sleep maybe four hours a night during the week and then crash for 16 hours on a weekend night/day. That's not healthy, I think. Hmm.