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Notes from the AngularJS Utah Meetup

24 April, 2016

So what with my last computer dying, getting a new phone, trying to find a job, preparing to maybe move, and all the other nonsense going on, I haven't really blogged at all lately. Oh well.

My to-do list is gigantic, like a whole huge directory tree of several gigabytes full of unfinished stuff.

Somewhere in there, there's rewriting my entire website.

I've just switched from GoDaddy's hosting to my own VPS (a droplet), since GoDaddy's cost was going up by about 110%. This means I have a LOT more available to me, now. Not quite as much space, but I can run whatever I need to on my server now, so... I think it's time to finally update everything. I plan on leaving most things as just plain old static sites (because, let's be honest, no one cares how flashy this crap is if it takes a year to render it on an old phone). The blog might change a bit, though. I'm still using that same old script (based originally on BashBlog, heavily modified over the past almost-year). Nothing against that script, it does its job and everything, but a 1300-line shell script to basically turn Markdown into HTML is absurd -- ESPECIALLY since it doesn't include the parser.

Anyway, here are some notes from the NG-JS meetup a couple of weeks ago. They were lost on my old laptop, but the SATA-to-USB thingy came in the mail the other day, so I can finally just do something with these.

Immutable Data Structures

I didn't really take notes on this, which kinda sucks, but what I really got out of it much more was a way to get started and some sparked interest. Here's the little bit I did jot down. (functional-frontend-slides/)
purescript, check it out for _real_ sometime.
stimulus(?) (immutable library?)

what's the _real_ difference between Object.assign() and Object.freeze() ?


Nothing against this guy, but... what the hell is he doing? Does he even know? I think he's probably really intelligent and good at stuff, but is just totally lost right now, being on a stage talking in front of all these... ten-ish... people.

None of this is exactly new. Check over here for a demo from a few months ago, using RxJS.

    // observables

    const foo = Rx.Observable.create(observer => {
      observer.onNext({value : 0}) // kinda like yield
      observer.onCompleted() // done

      return function dispose() {
        // do stuff that needs to be done on done here

    const bar = foo.(reduce(
      // stuff

    bar.subscribe(x => console.log(x))
    // subscribe: consumers

    // .onCompleted(), if called before last yield,
    // nothing else will happen (so throw it inside your slowest or
    // last async function!).

    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 1000) // discards subscription, then.

    // .delay(1000) holds for ms
    // Rx.Observable.of(val, value, valoo, vlyou)
    // .doOnNext(x => console.log(x))
    // tap into next in stream, perform action on it

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