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Post Number Negative Two!


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Note: this is older, but not actually old, just a week or two, pulled from my Tumblr account for testing purposes.

Okay! Here we go.


An attempt at this, anyway.


Seriously. I mean, static-site compiler. Whatever. There are so many out there, but I can't seem to find one that actually works for me. None of them seem right.

I'm literally editing text in a javascript bookmarklet that loads the Ace editor, right now. Which is annoying a little bit, because it's got syntax highlighting and errors based on JS, & obviously I'm writing in Markdown, so... Oh, and I keep automatically returning when before I hit about 80 characters; that's kind of dumb. I need to write a new bookmarklet that pulls in Dillinger or something.

Hold on, actually....


This time in ReText. I forgot why I got rid of this writer for two seconds. Of course, then I remembered; it's slow and not great, and also doesn't want to recognize any style sheets, so I'm stick with blinding-bright-mode all the time. That's okay for the moment, though, this'll only take a bit.

I've been meaning to blog for real for a while, now. I don't mean Tumblr-style miniblogging (reserving 'micro-' for truly miniscule bits like Twitter and YO); actual blogging, like they used to do. Like Paul Ford, or people who have things to talk about, or... I dunno, experts.


Shit happens and I get into things that last for days. In this case, probably weeks; it's really just a part of a thing that's been going on for years, actually, so whatever. This hasn't exactly been a great first post, has it? I swear I have valuable things to put on paper! Or at least, to type into Nano (yes, Nano. Shut up, VIM people. And don't even start, Emacs cultists, I already have an OS.). Some things coming up on Zac's magical happyfun blogtime extravaganza:

So, that'll all be happening. I'mma just pick a blog engine at random here, I guess, because Delposto was close but not really right for me. Even Bashblog, which sounds pretty basic, has too many features and options. Don't want no plugin comment system. Just want a nice looking thingamajig. Mebbe just some Markdown.css and call it a day.

Oh, I need tagline! Or, whaddaya call it, a signing-off thingy. I used to say this, and it'll do for now:

Love and tea,