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What are @ and =>?

What is fixity? Is this the same as precedence?

foo :: [a] -- in haskell would be
foo :: forall a. Array a -- in purescript, i think?
-- there's no [] in annotations, it's always Array a
-- but there is List, but you have to use Data.List instead of just []

Number -- is js number
Int -- is 32 bit -- and it's basically n | 0 (?)

Unit -- ()

main :: IO () -- would be
main :: Eff -- basically, but really more something like
main :: Eff (process :: PROCESS, fs :: FS) Unit -- or something

a <> b -- a ++ b -- concat a b

A <= B -- B implies instance of A

something like this is kind of right i think (what builds on what): i

  applicative   ??
    apply  bind

No tuples, just records. But there's a lib for tuples.

<<< is . for rtl composition, and >>> for ltr

Lots of Data.List stuff is in Data.Foldable and Data.Traversable instead.

To export stuff: module Foo (a, b, c) where. That's like export { a, b, c } in JS, I think. module Foo (..) exports everything, I think.