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15 January, 2016

Pusher is a hosted API for WebSockets, with Flash and HTTP fallbacks (in the JS lib). They also have a REST API. It's a simple pub/sub model, with filtering and auth, which allows for private channels and presence functionality. Getting up and moving in JS is pretty simple: include pusher.js (<script src="//"></script>), open a connection with var pusher = new Pusher('API-KEY), subscribe with var channel = pusher.subscribe('channel-name'). Listening for events:

channel.bind('event-to-listen-for', function(data){  
  console.log('event was triggered... message: ' + data.message)  

Using their server lib (for Node):

var Pusher = require('pusher')  

var pusher = new Pusher({  
  appId: 'APP-ID'  
, key: 'APP-KEY'  
, secret: 'APP-SECRET'  

pusher.trigger('channel-name', 'event-to-listen-for', {'message': 'boing!'})  

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