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DevMountain Sign

I think I may ask about a mentor spot here. Totally made an agreement with a very intelligent member of my cohort (what we call a class, I guess), signed in blood, did the whole 'may the devil take my future happiness and also my chocolate' stuff, and basically we'll both be talking to the head instructor about both of us getting potential mentor spots, maybe.

Also, it's week 7 now. That means it's half over. There's interim week (aka everybody goes home for thanksgiving except myself week, apparently), a few more weeks, then personal project presentations (eek!), xmas (another week-long break), then three weeks and then DONE. I'd better know my shit by then, because I really would like to be good enough at this stuff to make a lasting impression.

Anyway. I've just decided to say FUCK React Native, because I want to make apps in Javascript, not learn a whole new JS library just to make a horrible ugly mess with the most PHP-like js they've ever thought up, Java, and bits of Swift/Objective C. I'll just cry a little bit inside and built this thing with the traditional MEAN stack, plus (or maybe make things easier on myself and let Meteor do some of the work).

Gotta cut it short--going up to SLC (for the first time since I've come to Utah, actually) to hit up the Cheesecake Factory and see a comedy show, or some such. Then probably cry a bit (but quietly, inside), because some people are leaving (the previous cohort), and I've grown fond of some of those people, and that's sad.