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So You Want To Stan LOONA?


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Adapted from a YouTube comment, which was adapted from a text file in my notes.


You wanna stan LOONA? Cool, you should. They're the best K-Pop group in the history of K-Pop, for a few reasons:

I'm not going to dive into all of those. Instead, this little guide will point you to resources that will help you discover them on your own.

First things first: as of the time I'm writing this, there are 343 MP3s in my LOONA discography directory, including 55 albums/singles/mini-albums. Don't worry about most of them just yet.

Level One

Watch these, in this order:

Yeah there's a boycott on. Don't worry about it, you're not in that deep.

Next, check out Sonatine, Pose, Sweet Crazy Love, Love4Eva, and anything else YouTube recommends to you, if you want to.

Level Two

It's time for memes. Check out the most popular videos from GirlsOf OurMonth for starters. Also check out LOONIAN, Orbit Olight 2, Everyday Wizbit, Blackwhite, driftnorth, and other great LOONA meme editors, if you want. The point here is to learn their personalities.

Level Three

More music. You need Universe, Where you at?, Pale Blue Dot, See Saw, Egoist, Let Me In, Eclipse, Chaotic, Stylish, and A Different Night. Maybe just start with a few and see how you're feeling. They have a LOT of music, so feel free to self-direct if you find something you vibe with. At this point it would make sense to start learning about the subunits and history of the group, at least a little bit.

Level Four

Lore. Okay this is complicated because none of it is really official. I really recommend SuA's SinB, especially the Eclipse Theory series, but it's long and really complex. You could also try the Twinfish or Loominosity videos, or the lore guides on the wiki linked above.

Now also you should probably head to the subreddit and check the megathreads in the sidebar. Lots has been happening in the last year or so, so it's good to be aware of where members are now and what all is going on with CTD, ARTMS, the boycott, and all of it.

Level Five

Jaden, BlockBerry, more memes (see above), more lore (see above), the whole debut project (see the wiki); if you're going this deep, you're probably already an Orbit, so I don't need to tell you where to go. It's a wild world here, down near the bottom of the iceberg.

Quick Notes

Don't feel pressured to go deep. If you like some of the music, just enjoy it. If the memes are funny but you don't care about the lore, that's totally fine. Personally I've been in this LOONA life since there were only three members, so I've had time to slowly absorb all of this stuff. If I was getting into LOONA just now, I honestly probably would not bother learning the lore, or the company drama, or even about how Lee Soo-Man produced the only two albums outside of SM just because he was impressed with LOONA's Cherry Bomb cover. Just bite off what you can chew and don't let it overwhelm you.

Welcome to LOONA Island.