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Thanksgiving Week, Projects, Fun Times, and The Future


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Jesus fuck it's been an interesting week. I've learned so much this week, and managed to get almost nothing done. Markvi is up to version 0.3.0, because it now actually has the keybinds it was always meant to have. The tentatively titled Whiteboard is stuck in planning, because I kind of stopped caring about it, though I really need to get that one done since it's the main project that actually matters, here. The other project (the thing that has to do with documentation, and making money) is stalled, but I'm so ready to get moving on that because it's super exciting.

This week was Thanksgiving. I spent the week holed up at home, working and studying. I learned Vue (which I love), a bit of Mithril (which was nice), and did quite a lot of workshopper type of things, and learned a wee bit of Ruby (which was pretty nice, actually).

I also came across something close to dangerous, here. Goddammit. I hope this won't be a problem. Actually, I'm pretty sure it won't, because other pepole are smarter than I am, and better and handling adult relationships. I just... met a person I'm rather fond of, a while back, and have grown much more fond of in the past week.

ANYHOW, that's a non-thing, fortunately. NEXT.

Check the zWiki. Because now I have a wiki. What.