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This Here's A Test!


Tags: meta, bashblog, markdown, blogging

Well, all right! This is just a little test. I've tried what may well be five or six dozen static site/blog generators over the past few months, and I'm back at two of the ones I tried first--Bashblog and Baker. They're both written in bash, and both pretty simple. I dig bashblog's one-file thing, and kind of like the extreme simplicity of the post-editing format, but it's a little sloppy and requires some disassembly to actually configure. Baker's quite a bit easier to work with, and quite a bit more attractive by default, but it's also about three times the size of bashblog. Both of them seem to have Discus/disquszszs/diskust really stuck in there, and I'm not actually in the mood to sign up for yet another social platform, so... we'll have to see about that. OH, and neither one wants to use an alternate implementation of Markdown. not that I mind, there's nothing terribly wrong with the original one from John Gruber, but I'd prefer to at least have that option. There are versions in C and Python that I like (and the C is obviously much faster), as well as the various Javascript implementations that are all the rage these days. It'd also be nice to work with some extensions. I'm never sure what's kosher in the original because I rarely use it, but I'm fairly certain I can't do tables and syntax hightlighting here.

ANYWAY. This is just a quick first post, as a test. I'll be doing the same in Baker, and then following up by (gradually) reposting all of my archived blog posts from other platforms, and saved drafts/notes in my Dropbox.