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Visual Studio Code's License


Tags: ms, vscode, editor, licensing crap.

...and to obtain the source you have a to send a check to Microsoft... and you access to the open-source third party libraries included in VS Code.

So tell me again how Microsoft is getting better, improving their open source activity, and all that bullshit? They built you an editor that will stop running when they're ready to release it for real money. It will just stop working, and no longer access its own files. And they can press charges if you try to fix that. Literally, if you want to hack on the source, you can't, because you signed an agreement saying you'd give them your firstborn and your right kidney if you try to do so.

If you use VS Code and think you're using a decent editor you can continue to use for years to come, you're being duped. Sorry, that's all there is to it. Microsoft has never given a shit about users or developers, which is why they gave us that lovely VBScript. Remember that? Yeah. Don't be so quick to jump on their bandwagon. It's bullshit.