Zac Anger · · ·

I'm a Web and Linux enthusiast interested in environments that encourage constant learning and professional growth. I'm passionate about building smoother processes and keeping software and development free and open.

I believe strongly in free and open source software, and have contributed to numerous projects, including Firefox, Webpack, Rancher and Mastodon. I also maintain dozens of CLI tools and Node libraries.

Languages and Technologies

Comfortable with JS (React, Node, Koa, Express, TypeScript, Flow), CSS (preprocessors, CSS-in-JS), Linux, Shell (POSIX and Bash), Git, Docker, AWS, Nginx, CI/CD systems (TeamCity, Circle, Jenkins), Rancher, Kubernetes, Terraform, MongoDB, and Vim.

Currently learning GCP, Go, Rust, Postgres, Elasticsearch/EFK, and brushing up on Python.

Experience and Education: