Zac Anger · ·

I'm a Unix and programming-language enthusiast and musician, with a history in Node development and devops. I'm passionate about free and open source software, maintain dozens of tools and libraries with hundreds of thousands of downloads per month, and have contributed to various projects and organizations including Firefox, Webpack, Rancher, Koa, GitHub, and Mastodon. In my spare time I like to work on my own toy languages, meditate, and read Buddhist texts and Marxist theory.

I am comfortable with JavaScript (React, Node, Koa, Express, TypeScript), CSS (preprocessors, CSS-in-JS), CI/CD systems (Circle, Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub Actions, CloudBuild), testing tools (Selenium, Cypress, Pytest, Tape, Jest), Docker, Kubernetes (Rancher, GKE, EKS), Telemetry (EFK, CloudWatch, New Relic, Datadog, Sumo Logic), Terraform, AWS, Linux, Shell (and related console tools), Git, Python, Go, and Nginx, and Vim. I would like to spend more time with Python and Go.