Zac Anger

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Programmer with broad experience and in the Node, React, and DevOps worlds. Maintainer of widely-used tools and libraries, contributor to many open source projects.



Qualiti Senior Software Engineer · 2023-Present

Freelance Developer and mentor · 2020-2023

Freelance and consulting work in Node, React, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, and cloud platforms, including: migrating home-spun CI from Python and shell scripts to GitHub Actions, moving a platform from GCP to AWS, updating long-neglected Node services, and mentoring junior engineers.

LiLiHi Cofounder · 2019-2020

Implemented Kubernetes infrastructure on GCP with Terraform, prototype web application with Next.js, and microservices with Node and Python.

Senior DevOps Engineer · 2020

Migrated services to AWS EKS, worked on migration to Hashicorp Vault from in-house solution, open-sourced internal libraries, participated in cross-discipline interviews, designed Node microservice architecture, trained teams on Git workflows and observability, templatized projects and pipelines, migrated all platforms to Datadog, introduced automated canary deployments.

Infrastructure Engineer · 2018-2019

Revamped CI/CD, introduced APM telemetry with NewRelic, spearheaded feature flag implementation, introduced policies around change management, led initial containerization effort.

Software Engineer · 2016-2018

Worked on React rewrites of three web apps with a focus on performance and developer experience. Built Node microservices and internal libraries.


Mentor and Junior Developer · 2016

Mentored students, refactored and added features to internal applications, developed curriculum.

Student · 2015-2016

Student at MEAN Stack bootcamp.

Freelance Web Developer · 2015

Designed and developed Bootstrap-based sites.

Notable Open Source Work

cozy is a small language written in Go, with a large stdlib and comfortable syntax.
styled-reset provides Reset.css for Styled Components.
fetchyeah is the smallest library allowing convenient JSON-friendly access to the Fetch API.
The first English translation of the Niddesa is a translation of an early Buddhist commentary.
And public contributions can be found here.